Volleyball nature of the game

Coaching Basic Coaching for volleyball can be classified under two main categories: Also, the service area was expanded to allow players to serve from anywhere behind the end line but still within the theoretical extension of the sidelines. That rule change was also applied to high school and junior high play soon after.

Each team tries to score points by grounding a ball on the other team's court. When used correctly, it is one of the more spectacular defensive volleyball Volleyball nature of the game. A team is allowed only three touches of the ball before it must be returned over the net.

A clear area above the court at least 8 metres 26 feet high is required to permit the ball to be served or received and played without interference.

At the moment of contact, the hitter's arm is fully extended above his or her head and slightly forward, making the highest possible contact while maintaining the ability to deliver a powerful hit. Players have to scramble to avoid being hit while still be aggressive enough to secure the loose balls.

Inthe FIVB introduced a new specialist role: A service area, traditionally 3 metres 10 feet long, is marked outside and behind the right one-third of each court end line.

In this game, the ball is caught and thrown instead of hit; it rivaled volleyball in popularity until the s. In addition to the setters, a typical lineup will have two middle hitters and two outside hitters. A variant invented in Ecuador, with some significant variants, such as number of players, and a heavier ball.


The international 4—2 translates more easily into other forms of offense. The clear disadvantage to this offensive formation is that there are only two attackers, leaving a team with fewer offensive weapons.

A vertical tape marker is attached to the net directly above each side boundary line of the court, and, to help game officials judge whether served or volleyed balls are in or out of bounds, a flexible antenna extends 1 metre 3 feet above the net along the outer edge of each vertical tape marker.

There are 6 positions in volleyball as well as 6 rotations to correspond with the positions. MERGE already exists as an alternate of this question. This serve was invented and employed almost exclusively by the Brazilian team in the early s and is now considered outdated.

This is the most popular serve among college and professional teams. The goal is to avoid being hit by a ball three times. Inan award-winning documentary was produced for the sport of 9-man, and a YouTube documentary was made for the sport in The libero wears a different colour from the rest of the team and is not allowed to serve or rotate to the front line.

As the server leaps, the forearm rises to shoulder height, and the striking hand is drawn back.Video: The Nature & Purpose of Volleyball Volleyball isn't the low-key sport it used to be.

This was How Volleyball was Introduced – Facts and Information About the Game

It is increasing in popularity, becoming more competitive and gaining attention in the media. Essays - largest database of quality sample essays and research papers on Volleyball Nature Of The Game. Apr 26,  · What it is: Volleyball is a game for two teams, usually of six players, in which a (volley)ball is hit by hand over a high net.

Each team tries to Status: Resolved. It is Girls' volleyball.

Volleyball Games

There is a possessive because it's done by girls. When done by boys, it's Boys' or Men's volleyball. Volleyball is a complex game of simple skills. The ball is spiked from up to 60 cm above the height of a basketball hoop (about metres) and takes fractions of.

After an observer, Alfred Halstead, noticed the volleying nature of the game at its first exhibition match inplayed at the International YMCA Training School (now called Springfield College), the game quickly became known as volleyball (it was originally spelled as two words: "volley ball").

Volleyball rules were slightly modified by the.

Volleyball nature of the game
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