Case study on bp oil spill

A lot of research is still needed to fully understand the long-term effects of dispersants on the region and its inhabitants—not to mention how they move through the food chain to impact larger predators, such as people.

Recommendations and implementations After analyzing and reviewing all potential actions, we determined two recommendations based on the findings. BP holds a leading share in the global market for photovoltaic modules, which turn sunlight into electricity.

In an email quoted in the brief, Guide concluded, "But, who cares, it is done, end of story. However, the excessive bonuses to executives and the giving of false statements by David Rainey have further ruined the image of BP as a company that takes ethics into account.

One person may say that the problem was the well blowout. The fund could pay for the loss, including the cost of damages to local communities, circumstances, people and other infrastructure.

Some hovered suspended in the midwater after rising from the wellhead like a chimney and forming several layers of oil, dispersant and seawater mixtures drifting down current; during the spill a mile long oil plume was reported.

It's possible that life in the deep sea was exposed to the dispersant-oil mixture. Obama also says BP is responsible for the cleanup. Based on those finding, we determined that BP should play more active role in the crisis and our solution is to create a worldwide oil trust fund that will gather the power of all oil companies.

The area closed to fishing reached a peaksquare kilometres on June When captures the timing of the issue and also has a line for what was different or unusual in this occurrence.

In this way, the technology development will reduce the rate of accidents to solve the problem under the real root. This isn't because of anything inherently dangerous in the mixture of the two; the rotifers are more able to ingest oil once it's made accessible by the dispersant.

The communities around the Gulf of Mexico blamed BP for their carelessness and appealed for more actions to recover their low income life.

BP and the Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

One technique used was high-pressure hot water, to displace the oil caught in small areas of rocky coves. Another person might say that the problem was the explosion on the rig, and a third person could say that the problem was the worker fatalities.

Additionally, the crew did not recognize there was a problem until the blowout occurred. On April 20,the rig exploded, killing 11 workers and forcing the evacuation of the rig. Deep-water corals grow very slowly and can live for many centuries. Nontraceably, him stereotyped trade behind us threaped.

District Judge Carl Barbier. The Ethical Brand that Exploded and then Imploded. The combination of complex and risky technology, human agency and high degree of interdependence and limited oversight should serve as a warning sign with potential for disaster Bozeman, Establish a trust fund with other oil super-majors11 3.

Prince William Sound is only accessibly by helicopter, boat or plane; forcing efforts and prices of the recovery efforts much higher than what it would have been in a more easily accessible region, like the Gulf of Mexico. Conclusion Based on the facts provided in the case and our analysis, we identified two key findings as bellow: Therefore, we figured out two corresponding recommendations for BP to resolve its obstacles.

Some estimates are around 40, barrels a day. The oil spill also caused serious social and environmental problem. When you have 3. Scientists have found that the dispersant-oil mixture was rapidly colonized and broken down by bacteria that sunk towards the bottom. It is the largest oil disaster in American history, bp oil spill case study and it could happen again.

Retrieved April 8, from http: The impact of the spill on fish communities is still largely unknown. They managed to curb the well In 2 months and have been working on compensating the victims.

Any bits of the mixture that didn't get broken down would then get buried in coastal and deep-sea sedimentswhere its breakdown slows. Rethinking corporate social responsibility and greenwashing after the BP oil disaster. Even though the works in Mexican Sea was started again, the damage after disaster still exists and there are not any proved forecasts when environment will be completely clean and re-establish.

Bp oil spill case study 4.Reference Case Study: Public Policy BP’s Oil Spill in the Gulf On April 20,the Deepwater Horizon oil rig exploded in the Gulf of Mexico in a drilling accident that killed 11 workers and hospitalized many.

NEW ORLEANS- A federal judge in New Orleans has granted final approval to an estimated $20 billion settlement, resolvingyears of litigation over the BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. BP's Deepwater Oil Spill Case Study Analysis - Business Ethics 1.

Group 9 THE GULF COAST AND THE BP OIL SPILL BUSINESS ETHICS CASE STUDY 1. Case study: Gulf of Mexico oil spill and BP On 20 April a deepwater oil well exploded in the Gulf of Mexico.

The immediate effect was that it killed 11 people and injured 17 others. The Case for the Gulf; The Gulf oil spill is recognized as the worst oil spill in U.S. history.

BP Oil Spill Lawsuits and Legal Issues

Within days of the April 20, explosion and sinking of the Deepwater Horizon oil rig in the Gulf of Mexico that killed 11 people, underwater cameras revealed the BP pipe was leaking oil and gas on the ocean floor about 42 miles off the coast of.

Organizational Apologies: BP as a Case Study Erin O’Hara O’Connor following the Exxon Valdez oil-tanker spill to show that, although BP avoided some of the Exxon executives’ PR mistakes, BP made other costly mistakes. In addition to providing PR lessons for the future.

Case study on bp oil spill
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